Table Management System (TOPS) is designed to take care of various table related casino management tasks. This system aims at minimizing casino operation cost, and it is also both scalable and adaptable to the following needs:

1. Streamline table operation
2. Access to all casino data in real time
3. Soft count entry and variance reporting
4. Customizable summary report
5. Instant game and table performance analysis
6. Game floor mapping with historical and real time data

Power Cage

PowerCage is a cage management system designed to handle with promotion chips exchange for casino.It includes following functions:

‧ Support to buy chips with company funds and total funds management.
‧ Support member registration, loss reporting, information maintenance, blacklist    management, etc.
‧ Provide services of chip purchase/return, deposit/withdrawal, borrow/repay for members.
‧ Junket commission settlement for introducer.
‧ Shift management and commission payment.
‧ Detailed reports are built to count up income and expenditure of cages and track member status.


‧ Counters are able to split or merge to adapt flexible management mode.
‧ Junket commission rate is configurable.
‧ Easy to operate with concise interface.